Chip Crell | Bio

Growing up in household that embraced musical freedom and exploration, Chip Crell has always had a love for creating music and sound. Living so close to New York City allowed Chip to be immersed in a culture of arts, theater, and film. Chip's Grandfather, world-renowned sports new journalist Buck Canel, nutured his interest in professional storytelling . Buck would often have Chip carry his tape recorder and typewriter into interviews with many professional athletes. Chip went on to earn a degree in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Mississippi.

Chip started his film career at an NBC television station as a cameraman, soundman, and editor. He transitioned from there into freelance production, where he has been working as a professional soundman for over thirty years. Chip has won 3 Emmy Awards and several Emmy nominations for this work. During this time, he has continued to pursue his musical interests, by writing, producing, and performing music. Several of Chip's original compositions can be found in documentaries, tv shows, and artistic videos.

Chip created Sound Castle Studio as a place to combine his professional sound work and passion for creating music.